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Let Me Show You Everything You'll Receive When You Join The Papercut Design Masterclass Today!
It will be like an accelerated way to start creating beautiful professional papercuts and start gifting or selling them on (if that’s what you want).
So, what's the first thing you will receive?

A Complete Guide to Everything you Need to Design your Own Beautiful Papercuts
(£997 Value)
First up is the complete guide to everything you need to design beautiful papercuts.
Here, you’re going to discover what the three main steps you must take when designing papercuts, why they are essential and HOW to do them… in detail.
  • Where to find elements and fonts for your designs so you don’t waste time drawing and searching online all day.
  • How to position these elements and fonts effectively to give the best impact.
  • How to connect the design together so that it doesn’t fall apart when you begin cutting it.
We believe our blueprint method is the easiest and cheapest method to designing papercuts saving you so much time, effort and money (the money spent on buying papercutting templates).
The Three Fundamental Skills.
You will also get a straightforward look at the three skills you need to master to experience explosive growth in your design ability: Graphic Designing, Element Creation and Typography.
These three skills are the same I've practised for years to successfully ascend and you will see how you can learn these EXACT SAME skills to create your own professional papercuts, guaranteed.
1. Graphic Designing on Inkscape: A Free and Versatile Design Program.
We looked at a number of design programs and it turned out that Inkscape was not only the most popular, but also the most versatile and so the perfect platform to design SVG papercuts.
So, instead of trying to show you how to design in various different programs, we wanted to focus on just the MOST essential one and show you how to get the BEST results from it.
We have planned the tutorials in such a way that an absolute beginner can quickly progress and start designing like a professional in no time at all.
2. Element Creation: A Method that will save you Time and Effort.
Most people draw and scan in the elements for their design. This is so time-consuming and takes a lot of effort. Find out the much easier (legit) way how we do it and how you can do the same thing – even if you don't know how to draw!
You will learn what are elements, where to source the best ones and how to create them by special techniques. There’s a special formula on how to precisely convert clipart images into beautiful workable elements for your papercuts.
3. Typography Secrets.
How to harness the power of Inkscape to take your text to the next level. You will learn how to edit text to make sure all the letters are connected, how to put text onto a specific path like a semi-circle and how to add glyphs and swashes to make them look simply AWESOME.
And just to make life easier for you, everything here comes with simple-to-follow demos and cheat-sheets.
Join Now!
10 Projects + 10 Workbooks
(£1,997 Value)
This course is based on the 20:80 rule. 20% of your time will be spent learning the design principles. The other more important 80% will be spent applying these principles and working on the projects, making sure you learn quickly and efficiently.

Tired of just looking at papercuts and guessing how they were designed? These 10 projects are in-depth video-trainings to discover our tested, proven and re-tested method to designing papercuts that actually work.
You will get an over-the-shoulder style look at how we design SVG papercuts from start to finish, including step-by-step instructions PLUS a place for you to submit your work to make sure you do it right.

And again, just to make life easier for you, everything here comes with simple-to-follow workbooks filled with lots of images, as well as helpful tips and tricks.

Our aim is to give you a leap of faith and help you attempt and succeed in designing a dream papercut that you LOVE.
The goal of those two above is to get you into the door but after you're in, we want to continue to serve you each month as a member of the Arty Cuts Papercut Designers Club!
Let me show you what you will get access to with your membership for FREE.
Members-Only area to ask any questions and submit your projects for feedback
(£349 Value)
The number one ingredient to accelerate your progress is one-to-one feedback, something that is of insane amount of value considering that 99% of the tutorials out there leave you to it without checking whether you’re doing it correctly or asking whether you need any help.
After the completion of every project, you can show your project online in our Facebook group or submit it directly to us through the course’s platform and receive feedback on how well you applied the design principles and how you can improve.
Having a coach as such will ensure you truly understand the concepts and use them to accelerate your progress and get you designing like a professional in no time.

The Simple 100% Foolproof Formula to Make Sure your Designs are Completely Connected.
Papercuts are made from one piece of card, intelligently held together by itself. This is the essence of papercuts and one of the places where even professional papercut designers struggle: checking that all of the parts of the design are connected.

We will show you a proven-to-work simple trick that will change the dynamics of the way designers design papercuts. You won’t have to keep cutting and testing your design which will save you a massive chunk of your time, effort and money (if you’re hiring a tester).
After knowing just this secret, you’ll be able to make your designs bigger and more beautiful than ever before. There is no limit, it will give you the confidence to go over and beyond.
If you’re already a professional papercut designer, this ingenious trick will be the spark you need to experience explosive growth and scale your papercutting design business.
100+ Free elements, fonts and templates with commercial license
(£499 Value)
By taking the secrets, strategies and shortcuts I've discovered after countless hours of research, trial and testing and pairing them up with 100+ FREE elements, fonts and templates, gives you a done-for-you solution which will actually MAKE you money, not take it.
In other words, you will discover an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek at a successful automated papercutting business we've used to generate insane profits and now with these free tools you will be able to legally and ethically model it to create your own success.
What if you could DESIGN papercuts yourself?
  • You could choose your ideal quote yourself.
  • You could use your favourite fonts to have the greatest impact.
  • You could pick beautiful elements to elegantly wrap around the words.
  • How special it would be to gift someone with a papercut that you designed yourself.
  • Hanging up a family tree papercut that you completely personalised yourself.
  • Making passive income from selling digital papercutting templates online.
Let’s Supersize Your Dreams.

Can I still design if I don’t know how to draw?
Absolutely. In this course, you will learn where to find and how to use the plentiful free elements and fonts in your designs.
Will it cost a fortune?
No way! This course will show you how to design on free software which is pretty good and has all the features you need to create beautiful papercuts. There are also free elements and fonts available which you can use for commercial purposes.
I’ve never designed before and the software scares me, how easy is your method?
Very easy. There are a number of ways you can design templates and I have tried them all. I have picked the easiest and have put together demos, videos, audios and step-by-step downloadable guides to make sure you learn in the way that suits you best. Plus, I promise to be with you every step of the way on our Facebook group.
I don’t know anything about designing! Can I still design without any experience and no creative bone in my body?
Yes! Anyone can design. With the design principles I teach you can work methodologically and choose the perfect elements and fonts to make your designs look great.
How do I know if I’m doing it right?
After the completion of every project, you will be able to submit your project online in our Facebook group and receive positive feedback on how well you applied the design principles and how you can improve. Having a coach as such will accelerate your progress and get you designing like a professional in no time.
What will I get?
  • Everything you need to design your own beautiful papercuts ((£997)
  • 10 Projects with demos and workbooks (£1,997)
  • Members-Only area to ask questions and receive feedback (£349)
  • The foolproof formula to make sure your papercuts are connected (Priceless)
  • 100+ Free elements, fonts and templates with commercial license (£499)
That’s a total of £3,842.
BUT, as an introductory offer, we’re giving you a HUGE discount of

ONLY £97
Still on the fence?
If all you did was learn how to use the design programs to create simple SVGs for yourself, then wouldn’t that be worth the money?
If all you did was learn how to create simple designs to gift friends and family, wouldn’t that be worth the money?
If all you did was get 100+ free commercial elements and fonts to use for simple design projects you could sell on, wouldn’t that be worth the money?
"I was already a papercutter before coming across this course but I was severely lacking in my own ability to come up with designs. Primarily because A) I couldn't use all the fancy software that I THOUGHT I needed and B) I'm not exceptionally great at getting a design in my mind down on paper using my own drawing skills. One of the main themes throughout this course is that you DONT need software that costs hundreds of pounds. Infact its a FREE design programme! and that you DONT need to be qualified in graphic design or be an artist. Sara has done an amazing job at promoting that everyone can make their own papercut designs (and more) with no previous artistic or computer design experience. The modules are VERY easy to follow, explained in laymans terms so that everyone can understand and follow along. Shes always happy to help and has been very encouraging. I thank Sara for her selflessness in sharing all that she has learned and passing on her knowledge and tips to others. THANK YOU SARA!" Anita Willand.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
I 100% guarantee that you'll love this course. If not, I'll return your money with no questions asked.
Here's a Summary:
You will get everything you need to design your own beautiful papercuts ((£997), 10 Projects with demos and workbooks (£1,997), access to a members-only area to ask questions and receive feedback (£349), the foolproof formula to make sure your papercuts are connected (priceless) and 100+ free elements, fonts and templates with commercial license (£499). That’s a total of £3842 but you can get it at a special introductory price of £97 with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.