Inkscape for Beginner Papercut Designers

You can do so much with Inkscape, there are so many tools and functions so therefore, whatever these tutorials show you are relevant to designing papercuts.

When you hover over a tool, it will tell you what the tool is and the hotkey for it. 
Watch these videos to explore all the tools:

Additional Resources
You will find a demonstration of how to design this project using Inkscape and will also find documents with all the elements you need as well as a step-by-step workbook on how to complete the project with images. There are also a few additional resources like the hotkeys for the design programs available for you to download. Once you have watched the demo, start designing your very own papercut and then submit it to us for feedback. I promise to personally reply to every project with comments on how well you applied the design principles and whether there are any improvements I would recommend. Show us your work in our Designing Papercuts Facebook group: