Design a Bouquet of Flowers Papercutting Template

In this project you will learn how you can design a bouquet of flowers. This is one of the simplest papercutting designs but still very beautiful and intricate. It should take you about half an hour to complete.
The Technique.
1. Import the Elements.
Click on File > Import > (choose the SVG elements)

2. Ungroup the SVG elements. Delete the SVG elements you don’t wish to use.

3. Prepare the elements.
Set Fill and Set Stroke as white. Fill the empty spaces with white infill so that the lines of the flowers don’t overlap when they are placed on top of each other. Then select the flower and the infills all together and Group.

4. Position all the elements and fonts however you want.
Try not to use more than 3 different types of flowers (Design Principle 4).
To draw the stems of the flowers, select the marker tool and adjust the width to about 5. You can increase the mass if you wish to make the line smoother. Send the stem lines to the back (’End’ hotkey).
5. Double check that everything is connected, flip the design by clicking on Object > Flip and print. To save it as an SVG or DXF file, first save a copy, just in case you need to edit it afterwards. Go to Edit > Make a Bitmap Copy and then Path > Trace Bitmap. Now it’s ready to be saved as an SVG or DXF file.

Additional Resources
In the Papercut Design Course, you will find a demonstration of how to design this project using Inkscape and will also find documents with all the elements you need as well as a step-by-step workbook on how to complete the project with images. There are also a few additional resources like the hotkeys for the design programs available for you to download. Once you have watched the demo, start designing your very own papercut and then submit it to us for feedback. I promise to personally reply to every project with comments on how well you applied the design principles and whether there are any improvements I would recommend. Show us your work in our Designing Papercuts Facebook group: